Welcome Rabarbro to the Berga Bruk family! Apple and Rhubarb in sweet harmony. 


The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm + Hjerta = True love

Malin Söderström is one of Sweden’s most famous female chefs. She runs a popular restaurant at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, Sweden, and she also owns Hjerta, a restaurant in the heart of Stockholm that’s situated on one of its most treasured islands. She was recently awarded the title “Restauranteur of the Year”, and she’s one of few female members of the National Team of Swedish Chefs. We are delighted that Malin’s restaurants have decided to carry our beverages.

We are so pleased that Malin’s restaurants are now carrying our beverages!  

Berga Bruk ❤ Sally Voltaire

Our juices are now available at Sally Voltaires & Sytrar’s wonderfully modern and delicious vegetarian restaurant at Åhléns City in Stockholm. They can also be purchased from the in-restaurant shop, which carries carefully selected, irresistible delectables. This inspiring gem won DN:s Budget Restaurant Gold Dragon Award in 2014.

Berga Bruk ❤ Birgitta Hahn

Textile designer Birgitta Hahn designed all the patterns on the labels of our bottles. Birgitta is a member of Ten Swedish Designers, which was founded in 1970. In addition to her role as member of Ten Swedish Designers, she has designed patterns for decorative textiles, wallpaper and rugs. Her designs can be seen at IKEA, KF, Duro, Svenskt Tenn and Borås Wäfveri. She has also designed textiles for public spaces.

In addition to textile design, Birgitta has designed clothing for dance performances, film, held solo exhibitions, and taken part in group exhibitions.

Birgitta Hahn’s work is represented at the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm, at Gothenburg’s Röhsska Museum, at The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.