About us

The Berga Estate has a rich story and historical significance. It was once the heart of Emådalen in Småland, and was first mentioned in 1299, when Mrs. Margareta Gustavdotter donated the estate to The Kalmar Nunnery where she was prioress. When monastery estates were later claimed by the Swedish Crown, Berga became a royal estate and remained so until 1639.  In the same year, governor Bengt Bagge bought the estate and restored it to a private property. Henrik af Harmens eventually took over and built the current and main building in 1788. The Harmen family owned and cared for the Berga Estate until the late 1800’s. 

The estate originally boasted large orangeries, multiple greenhouses, apple orchards and farms, and they supplied the surrounding community with food. Most of the large apple orchards were, unfortunately, destroyed by the cold winters of 1939- 1941. 

Today, the restored orchards produce modern apple varieties developed for organic farming, including the old Småland apple varieties that are used in the Berga Bruk drinks. Kajsa and Joel’s vision is to preserve the old apple varieties, as well as the cultural heritage of the soil they grew in.

The Story of Berga Bruk

Berga Bruk AB was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and pomologist Kajsa Leander and internationally renown creative director,  Joel Berg. The Berga Estate has been their Swedish family retreat and haven for almost twenty years. Their longing for the Swedish landscape and its peaceful calm has always called them back from overseas, and now their dream of restoring its orchard and giving something back is realised. The philosophy behind their beverages is grounded in innovation and a desire to provide superior tasting apple beverages in various flavours. There is no added sugar— the apples’ 100% natural sweetness sets off the flavour of all their drinks. They’ve selected seasonal ingredients, and they always choose organic and locally produced— because it does good for our bodies as well as the environment.